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How to synchronize folders

Rsync I use this alot to synchronize several machines, 

A basic way 

rsync  -rtvaz --delete   /var/www/Vol1 root@  > /var/rsync.txt



To limit the Bandwidth  

rsync -rtvaz --delete --bwlimit=1000  -e 'ssh -p 22' lnxbox.yourdomain.com:/var/Vol1/MEDIA/  /Vol0/MEDIA


From your local machine to a machine with alternate SSH port, excluding folders complete and incomplete

rsync -e 'ssh -p 3426' -rtva /srv/storage/downloads/ root@remote.azt.com:/var/Vol1/TV/ --exclude 'complete' --exclude 'incomplete' --stats --progress


To sync specific type of files, on this case only MKV files

rsync -rtv -a --include '*/' --include '*.mkv' --exclude '*' /var/Vol1/MEDIA/ root@

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