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How to remove my info from icontact, constantcontact.com ? Spam

I keep searching and I don't see any possible way so far, if anyone has a tip, please let me know.

So far they claim not to allow SPAM wtf!, just another company trying to legitimize SPAM.

All their email have a remove from list option, sure I get removed from one list and get added to another twenty other lists.

Most of the google and bing results from constantcontact are related to people complaining about news letters being blocked by antispam WTF!! or My ISP or spam filter is blocking Constant Contact mail. What can I do?, come on who requests newsleters!!  or who cares if the ISP is blocking a spammer! 




So my question is , how do I get removed from all Icontact.com and constantcontact.com lists?



Please remove me from iContact http://www.icontact.com/ 

Please remove me from http://www.constantcontact.com


See also http://ritholtz.com/2011/10/my-new-approach-to-spam/


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