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This site is intended to be used as a reference, the content can get outdated rather quickly , I used to keep all this content as a single document for personal use, as a cheat sheet,  some of my clients keep asking the same questions in reference to simple things such as default passwords, how to create a batch file to backup My documents, etc.
For some reason I keep seeing people trying to hack the site, I have no clue for what reason, given that the site is only available to help with technical issues, I do not want to lockdown the site to "clients only" as it would be annoying, feel free to bookmark the site or export as a PDF for personal use but please disable AdBlock for this site
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If you wish to support my FAQ, you can configure your ad blocker to make an exception for this website. Thanks in advance....


Network and Telephony Consulting.
Cell (480) 331-VOIP (8647)


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